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In 2016, my 3 Peas, a set of fraternal triplets, started making and selling soap to make donations to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital  as a year long "giving back"  project. The original  goal was to sell enough soap to donate a minimum of $25 per month. Not only did they make their goal, but some months exceeded that amount due to the ongoing support of friends, family and my colleagues.  


Near the end of 2017, we decided to try to expand our hobby into an actual business.  We continue to be  dedicated to making quality bath and body products at a good price and continue to support the cause of finding a cure for childhood cancer.​


Educator, mother of triplets,  and soap hobbyist.

About Us

Our Team


Assistant Designer

Jorgie is one of my beautiful daughters and middle triplet. She is creative, insightful and has a wonderful sense of humor. She has a keen nose and I oftentimes rely on her for proper fragrance advice.


Assistant, Finance Consultant

E~E (nickname) is my adorable son who is the braun behind our festival setups and cost assessor. He really doesn't like making soap, but thank goodness he uses it. He provides valuable input (brutally honest) about our products.


Assistant, Designer

SiSi is our creative triplet. She personally samples all products since she is a critic of all fashion and all things that smell good. We don't sell any product that does not meet the "SiSi standard" for aesthetic qualities and overall smell good.

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