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Put your favorite essential oils in this bottle and hang it up for the scent to be diffused for aromatherapy.  

Only needs a little of your essential oil to work. The bottle holds 0.25 ounces of oil.  Has a rope to hang it that can be adjusted.  

*Essential oil not included.

Mini Aromatherapy Bottle

  • Twist off the top and fill the diffuser halfway.  Place the top back on. Turn the diffuser upside down to allow the cork in the cap to soak up the essential oil.  Hang up your diffuser and let the scent permeate the air.  When the scent becomes lighter, invert the bottle again so the cork can soak up some more oil for diffusing.  Refill the bottle with essential oil when the bottle becomes empty and repeat the steps so your oil is diffused.  

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