Our creamy whipped soap....but, in a gift set.This 3.2 ounces of whipped soap will go a long way and feels extra creamy on your skin....it has the consistency of butter cream frosting. In 4 great scents: Bergamot &Violet, Melon & Coralberry, Satsuma Sugar and Hot Buttered Rum (size comparison photo to 8 oz jars shown). Directions on how to use your whipped soap can be found in the " Info Section."

Whipped Soap Gift Sets ~ 3.2 oz. Jar with Poof

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  • 1. Wet your poof.

    2. Skim poof over the top of your whipped soap; getting a little on your poof (a little goes a long way)

    3. Apply poof to skin using circular motions to make lather.